Point of use Dryer to 1/2”-1” Connection



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Point of use Dryer to 1/2”-1” connection

Item Information:

Water & particulate removal to 1st stage is 3 micron and the second stage is .01 micron 

90/150 scfm Combo
Port Sizes ½”, ¾”, 1”
Thread Styles NPT, BSPT, BSPP
Flow Capacity 90/150 scfm @ 100 PSI
Filter Capacity 0.01 Micron & larger
Differential Pressure < 5.0 PSID at rated flow
Max Temp/ Pressure  
Aluminum Bowl 75°F/200 PSIG
Polycarbonate Bowl 125°F/150 PSIG
Approx. Weight (lb.) 12.0
ISO Class 1 Particulate/Oil
For higher pressure applications, consult factory.  Units equipped with differential pressure indicator  have max temperature and pressure of 125°F and  150 PSIG, regardless of bowl material.


Replacement Parts and Accessories  
  Description Part Number
A Replacement Element, 1st Stage BC090/BC150
B Replacement Element, 2nd Stage BCC090/BCC150
C Differential Pressure Indicator N32-W1-DPI
C Blanking Cap (Cover for Indicator) N32-95-020
D Bowl Assembly: Metal Bowl, Manual Petcock Drain, & O-ring N34-15-180
D Bowl Assembly: Metal Bowl, Auto Float Drain, & O-ring N34-15-178
E Bowl Assembly: Poly Bowl, Manual Petcock Drain, & O-ring* N32-15-167
E Bowl Assembly: Poly Bowl, Auto Float Drain, & O-ring* N32-15-166
F Manual Petcock Drain (Metal Bowl) PC-03
F Manual Petcock Drain (Poly Bowl) N32-95-182
G Automatic Plastic Float Drain (Metal Bowl) N32-95-979
G Automatic Brass Float Drain (Poly Bowl) N32-95-978
H Bowl O-ring N32-95-256
*Poly bowls come with metal bowl guard
Order Guide
  Port Size

Model Number

Metal Bowl Poly Bowl
Low Flow Med Flow Low Flow Med Flow

Manual Brass Petcock Drain

1/2" BC090M04DCM BC150M04DCM BC090P04DCM BC150P04DCM
3/4" BC090M06DCM BC150M06DCM BC090P06DCM BC150P06DCM
1" BC090M08DCM BC150M08DCM BC090P08DCM BC150P08DCM

External Automatic Float Drain

1/2" BC090M04DCA BC150M04DCA BC090P04DCA BC150P04DCA
3/4" BC090M06DCA BC150M06DCA BC090P06DCA BC150P06DCA
1" BC090M08DCA BC150M08DCA BC090P08DCA BC150P08DCA
*To add an indicator, add “i” to end of model number (Indicator adds about 1” to height)

Dimensions (inches)

Height* Width Depth
Metal Poly
17.0 14.0 9.6 4.8
17.0 14.0 9.6 4.8
17.0 14.0 9.6 4.8
17.0 14.5 9.6 4.8
17.0 14.5 9.6 4.8
17.0 14.5 9.6 4.8